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Chill Out Dog Training offers training services to dog owners within a 15 mile radius of Downtown Denver.

For those that live outside of this service area, a travel fee of $2/mile will be assessed.

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Denver, CO Services

One-on-one Training

One-on-one Training


90-minute, one-on-one session with a trainer. We work with you and your dog out in the field or in your home to troubleshoot challenging behaviors in real time.

The severity of the behavior will dictate the number of sessions required, but most clients work with us for 2-3 sessions. Common behaviors we work on during a session include: leash pulling, obedience, leash reactivity, aggression, resource guarding, off-leash recall, separation anxiety.

One-on-one Training
Virtual One-on-one

Virtual One-on-one


45-Minute Video Conference

Virtually training is best suited for the dog owner with a "do it yourself" attitude, but would like some expert guidance to kickstart their training. A Chill Out Dog Trainer will work with you to troubleshoot the challenging behaviors, assess effective tools and techniques to implement and create an action plan for you to put in place the same day.

Denver, CO trainers

SCOTT ROSS - Owner & Lead Trainer
Scott Ross

Owner & Lead Trainer

Training Specialties:

  • Aggression
  • Reactivity
  • Resource Guarding
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Scott Ross is the owner of Chill Out Dog Training and a certified trainer (CPDT-KA) with the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers. With over 5 years of hands-on training experience, he has worked with owners and their dogs to address an array of behavior challenges.

Scott’s journey into the world of dog behavior therapy began with his own German Shepherd mix, Gus, who had uncontrollable, severe aggression towards dogs. Scott had to find a solution or totally change his expectations of having an includable social dog. Faced with a stark decision, Scott decided to try a new mode of training that included three key elements: walk before you run, high behavior expectations, valuable consequences for all types of choices.

Fascinated by the results achieved, Scott took opportunities to work with friends and family dogs and saw that the methodology applied was universal. Scott began to conceive of a new type of training company that could help serious behavior cases quickly though direct coaching, his thee element method, and owner empowerment.

Outside of work Scott can be found mastering the art of the grill, battle royaling with with buddies on Xbox, up on the slopes practicing moguls, or he might be at home reading the latest Brandon Sanderson novel.

Hands down, reaching out to Scott for one-on-one training was the best decision and investment I could have ever made for my dog. I adopted Oliver (a 3 year old pitbull mix) from a shelter in July 2020. I quickly found out that he was highly reactive around other dogs and had zero leash training. He is highly excitable, anxious, and very strong willed; which makes him a lot of fun to be around but tough to rein in! I tried to work with him on my own, but things were just getting worse. Scott quickly responded to my interest in his training, and we were able to set up our first appointment within days. Scott, and his assistant Troy, had Oliver walking with a slacked leash by the end of our very first session. I was blown away by his progress in such a short time. And after just a few more sessions, Oliver has had successful interactions with other dogs and is harnessing in his energy for successful, stress free walks. He no longer lunges and pulls on his leash, and he even responds to commands while we enjoy our walks. His (and my!) life has literally changed for the better. Scott and Troy are patient, calm, and logical when it comes to working with and analyzing dog behavior. They were able to get to the root of the cause, and all of their advice was purposeful. They made sure that I understood what to do to help Oliver have continued success when the sessions were over. They gave me the tools to set him up for a much more relaxed and happy life. I cannot recommend or thank them enough!
- Breanna W. via Google
Scott is attentive, friendly, patient, articulate, and very encouraging! He communicates the dog’s behavior and the psychology behind it. My border collie, Archie, would have me sprinting down the sidewalk when he would spot rabbits and squirrels. Now, he stops in place, remains calm and focused, while still remaining alert to my commands. Now I have the ability to control whether or not we approach the animals. If we do, we slowly walk towards them without Archie pulling. Training on my own before Scott was difficult because Archie would ignore me even with a tasty treat in my hand when animals were around. Now we know how to approach the situation and I can command, ‘let’s go’ and he will cooperatively come! We can now take what we learned and apply it to other areas for improvement! Scott is always responsive and available for follow up questions. Archie has truly ‘chilled out’! Thank you!
- Carolyn M. via Google

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Tucson, AZ