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We’re 5-star Google rated dog trainers in Denver, CO, specializing in rapid transformations for overexcited, anxious, or aggressive dogs. Using our unique e-collar techniques, we aim for a major breakthrough in your first 90-minute session, and a sweeping transformation in less than a month. We guarantee progress to a dog that can chill out.

Excellent5.0 Based on 256 reviews from ★★★★★ We had such great results working with Chill Out Dog Training. We were able to correct so many issues in just a few sessions. I can not recommend them enough.Ryan B.Ryan B. ★★★★★ We had a few training sessions with Chill Out Dog Training for our very, very, reactive rescue (before training she literally broke a window charging at a dog being walked on the sidewalk). After the first session there was progress and by the end of our few together we were able to take her on walks and to places like a brewery where there were other dogs around at a distance without issues. She even has a few dogs now that she's comfortable around enough to play with!We have a second dog that we had for years before the dog that got us to reach out and the sessions were helpful for him too!Because of this dog's reactivity we knew that classes were out of the question. It wouldn't be safe for anyone or any other dog involved so the fact that Chill Out Dog Training came to my house was fantastic. We got the basics down that we needed to be able to give our rescue a life outside of our property line. It was so worth it.We worked with Cameron and he was great at explaining why some things worked and others didn't. He was able to help us with both of our dogs and tailored the techniques to each dog. There wasn't pressure to do one method over the other which is somethings I was concerned about. He saw our hesitations with some of the recommendations and had us test it out on ourselves which gave us peace of mind that it would be ok.Sharadyn C.Sharadyn C. ★★★★★ Amazing work from Scott and Chill Out Dog Training! Just a few months ago we thought we might need to move one of our dogs out of the house for fighting/behavioral issues. As of today we are back on track towards a happy dog house with the whole family feeing reassured. Highly recommended!!David M.David M. ★★★★★ From the moment Cameron called me when he was outside the home, wanting to set everything up for a successful, positive meet/greet with Sophie and Max, I knew we did the right thing. Cameron set the vibe for all of us! I had my first walk with Sophie where I wasn’t constantly resisting her pulling. He gave us in-the-moment feedback in the home with obedience, resource guarding, etc. We learned that Max was more of an instigator than we thought. He left us with homework and online guides that we need to read. I’m confident that Sophie & Max will live their best lives with us in a calm and loving home…with boundaries!"H SH S ★★★★★ Scott came to our house to work with us and our new puppy Otis. Scott was knowledgeable, patient and easy to work with. He helped teach us how to better communicate with our dog and build a relationship with him. He offered realistic and implementable tips to help shape our dogs behavior. I’d recommend Chill Out Dog Training to anyone looking to train their dog.Anthony San L.Anthony San L. ★★★★★ We cannot thank Chill Out Dog Training enough for our experience! We have an 8 year old dachshund who was so reactive to other dogs that we were hardly able to take him out of the house- now after only a few sessions our dog has a new lease on life and is able to accompany us out in public happily and confidently. Our trainer Scott was attentive and kind and always took the time to thoroughly answer our questions, no matter how many we had. The best part of this training is how truly personalized it is. We are so grateful for the change in our dog’s behavior and the improvement in all of our lives. 10/10 would recommend to anyone!Erin C.Erin C. ★★★★★ If you have a reactive dog, these are the trainers for you! Over 3 sessions, Scott was able to help us make significant progress with our dog’s territorialness and reactivity. Unlike other places I saw, Chill Out dog training works with you in the environments that your dog actually reacts so the progress sticks. Before training, we couldn’t have our dog in the front yard and had stopped bringing her with us to breweries, now she thrives in those spaces. Can’t recommend them enough!!!Mikhala S.Mikhala S. ★★★★★ Scott showed up on time, having read the submitted notes about my dog (80 pound pitbull), with his tools and a friendly face. Our dog is mostly good but had some issues with manners and respecting me and my girlfriend which we got right down too. Even after 1 session we feel that Scott gave us the tools we needed. Great bang for your Buck also instead of one of those large dog schools. Will recommend to everyone!Adam F.Adam F. ★★★★★ Great progress in a very short period of time. I love the technique used by Scott.I recommend this service to anyone needing obedience training for their dogs.Lyn B.Lyn B. ★★★★★ I highly recommend Chill Out Dog Training! I was referred by a friend who had great success and I’m so glad I called. We had our first session today and I can’t believe how much my dog learned in such a short period of time. This training session exceeded my highest expectations. My 2-year-old dog is stubborn and prefers sniffing, zig-zagging, and marking over walking. We had him walking like a good boy and we actually got some exercise! I’m excited for us all to learn even more at our follow-up sessions.Kara HKara H ★★★★★ Just started working with Scott for our dog, Cora. Most relaxing day we’ve had with her in 3 years. I feel hope. I have spent time crying and thinking we couldn’t keep Cora because of her aggressive behavior towards people coming to our house. Now, I feel lighter and see the possibility for her to relax in our home with guests! The calm manner Scott modeled as he used the e-collar to correct her and then coached her for a more desirable behavior was valuable and enabled us to practice this the rest of the day. Looking forward to our next session and in the meantime we’ll keep practicing with Cora! Thanks Scott!Linda T.Linda T. ★★★★★ I had an unbelievable experience with Chill Out Dog Training! My dog Stella was having an extremely difficult time around other dogs and was very reactive even just passing by others. This is the 3rd trainer I’ve been to and it’s been almost a 2 year process. First, I sent my dog to a board and train for 2 weeks.. after that didn’t work, I tried 1:1 sessions with a pronged collar and different trainer. That didn’t work either, and I was back to the drawing board. my dogs behavior was taking a toll on me and was really impacting her quality of life and ability to socialize & go on adventures with me. I’m not sure who was more anxious, (Stella or me).. but it was horrible.If you’re researching trainers in Denver, honestly stop the search and book with this company. They have a 5 star rating for a reason. I personally worked with Scott, and his calm, patient, encouraging, and thoughtful approach was just what we needed. He gave clear instruction and took his time making sure I understood everything he was saying. I saw an immediate improvement, after the first session was even over! She was passing dogs with ease. She’s now much calmer & more confident…and so am I. Additionally, I never would’ve trusted her off leash in an open space previously because shes run off before and had zero recall. This has changed our lives, and we’ve gone for hikes on relatively crowded trails, farmers markets, the dog park, etc. This weekend, she was even able to go off leash and swim in the lake for a bit and came right back when I called her.I’m so thankful and relieved to have found CODT!!Lauren R.Lauren R. ★★★★★ Cameron is an absolute godsend! I have a Weimaraner rescue named Odin who is 90lbs of solid muscle and while he is the most perfectly house trained dog, his leash pulling was beyond aggressive - dragging me, literally on the ground making walks terrifying to both me and onlookers. After 1 session with Cameron, Odin is doing so much better. I highly recommend Chill Out Dog Training!SheenaSheena ★★★★★ Scott really knows what he’s doing when it comes to pups! He taught us so many easy tricks to help our little guy with his separation anxiety!Corinne D.Corinne D. ★★★★★ Please do yourself and your family a favor and start training with Scott. I wasted a lot of time, money, and effort with other trainers and Scott was able to get my dogs in order with 2 sessions. My dogs responded quickly and we are now able to have a lot more fun as a unit. Scott is a friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable person, which makes training pleasant and easy going.DavidDavid ★★★★★ We had the most amazing experience training with Cameron N. to work on introducing my 6 year old Shepherd to a new puppy who will be in the home often. Cameron is incredibly knowledgeable in all things dog, and we had a blast getting answers to any and all questions that came to mind. He thoroughly explained all the steps required of us and the dogs through the training process, leaving us with zero concern or hesitation by the end of our three sessions.During our first intro with the pup, my Shepherd was snarling, lunging, barking, and very aggressive. Thanks to Cameron we are now able to sit in the same space as a family with the dogs remaining calm and cooperative.I have already recommended this company (and specifically Cameron) to 3 people in my life, and will likely recommend to many more! Thanks Cameron!r sr s ★★★★★ I had a great experience with Scott. I needed help with controlling my dog's prey drive, pulling, overstimulation (getting way too excited about new situations/environments), and greeting behavior (jumping on people). Scott recommended using the e-collar with my dog because she was not responsive to other interventions like treats, prong collar, etc. I was apprehensive at first but Scott explained how and when to use it so that I could see meaningful and sustained behavior change. With consistency and follow through, the prey drive and pulling have improved immensely. The greeting behavior is on the road to improvement as well. Scott was very knowledgeable and broke things down so they were easy to understand. He was also very receptive to my feedback which was greatly appreciated. I definitely recommend CODT to anyone with a dog like mine. Thanks, Scott!Ali F.Ali F. ★★★★★ We adopted a Rottweiler and named him Ocho, he's a big knuckle head, always sweet with our infant child but has demonstrated pretty significant aggression towards other dogs. So we hired a dog trainer named Emily, she was steadfast in her approach which is entirely built around positive reinforcement and trying to distract the dog when he goes into fits of rage. With her training we saw almost no return on a substantial investment and reluctantly accepted that we had a problem with out a clear solution. One day Ocho opened the front door and attacked a neighbors dog as she was walking by -- it was horrifying. I thought for sure we'd have to put him down and hated to do it, I could see so much potential in this dog. In a final hail marry attempt I found Chill Out Dog Training on Google and gave them a call. I ended up speaking with Scott, the owner of the business. His voice was calm and reassuring, he suggested we give his method a try, but like a lot of folks I've had reservations about shock collars. After just one session we saw remarkable improvement and I learned they can be incredibly effective with the right training without hurting the animal. The results were astonishing -- I can't say enough good things about Scott and Chill Out Dog Training. If you have a pet that really needs help I suggest you give him a call. Here's a video of Ocho wearing the e collar watching dogs on the side of the fence and not loosing his mind! We have success!!!Ilan B.Ilan B. ★★★★★ Working with Scott was a game changer! Within one session, my pup no longer barked at everyone and everything we passed. With such an amazing complete turn around, we decided to continue working with Scott to help us hone in on some other minor obedience training. Again, he had things under control almost immediately! The one-on-one training sessions really provide quick and personalized results. Definitely worth every penny and would highly recommend Chill Out Dog Training and Scott!L B.L B. ★★★★★ I would highly recommend Chill Out Dog Training! If I could give them 6 stars, I definitely would!I recently rescued my dog Bella about 3 weeks ago. I found she has leash reactivity issues by growling and barking at other strangers and dogs. Going on walks made me so anxious, and it was embarrassing when Bella would growl or bark at passerby's.When I reached out to CODT, they got back with me right away and said they could definitely help. My session with Cameron went so much better than I expected! He started out explaining why she has leash reactivity issues, and what he would do to help mitigate it. He was patient, gentle, and walked me through everything. Our time spent with Cameron was extremely valuable, and within the first 10 minutes of training Bella, she already made significant progress.I couldn't thank CODT enough and Cameron for their help! I finally feel comfortable bringing my dog outside and to the park.Sydney R.Sydney R. ★★★★★ Scott was helpful, attentive and kind with his approach for dog training. By the end of a short walk, we went from 100 to 0 leash pulling. Great advice for crate training, obedience issues and recall protocol. Highly recommend. E-collar is nothing to be scared about.Elliott B.Elliott B. ★★★★★ Highly recommend Chill Out Dog Training! We have senior pups that were really good with certain commands, but struggled with things like leash aggression and barking at visitors. For years, I tried watching YouTube videos from different dog trainers, and just felt like nothing was working. I wish we had enlisted the help of a professional trainer years ago!After a single session, we learned how to help our pups self-manage their behavior and saw a dramatic improvement. Scott did an amazing job of actually explaining the WHY so we know how to handle different situations.We're moving from the area, so my only regret is not buying the 3-pack from the start. Do yourself, your neighbors and your dogs the favor and call Chill Out Dog Training today!Natasha Noel P.Natasha Noel P. ★★★★★ Chill out dog training and our trainer Cameron N has changed our lives. We have a 2yr old terrier mix named Bernie that has suffered from severe anxiety for as long as we've had her. After only one session with Cameron we saw a positive change. He gave us the tools and education we needed to give Bernie the life we always wanted for her. We are extremely grateful. We will always be using chill out and Cameron for all of our future dog training needs.Richard G.Richard G. ★★★★★ Scott and his training method were fantastic. Our puppy didn’t know how to walk on a leash and in one session we were amazed at her progress. Thanks for all your help!Alex H.Alex H. ★★★★★ Scott was great! He came to my house, we met outside first and discussed all options and training techniques before going inside to meet Bruce and implementing them. He let me try the e-collar on my arm at settings much higher than we ended up using on Bruce to allow me to feel the ‘shock/vibrate’ to alleviate any concerns I had beforehand. He taught me the ins and outs of the e-collar system so that I felt comfortable using it. After one session, Bruce was already walking much better on the leash, and wasn’t jumping on people entering the house or on the fence in the back yard. Thanks so much for the help and training Scott!Nick B.Nick B. ★★★★★ Cameron just left after our first session, and wow. We have some work to do but we already saw a ton of progress and Cameron was a joy. We're looking forward to our next session and eager to keep using the skills we learned.Jessica G.Jessica G. ★★★★★ I recently worked with Cameron to sort through some leash reactivity issues my dog Tilly was having after she was attacked by another dog. Within one session we were passing by other dogs with no reaction from her! I genuinely did not expect to see results so quickly, but Cameron showed me how to use the correct tools to increase Tilly’s confidence on the leash. I cannot express how great it was to work with Cameron. I now feel like I have my old, confident, happy dog back! THANK YOU!!!Mollie F.Mollie F. ★★★★★ This review is FAR overdue. We called Scott when we were desperate because our special needs dog George had become so reactive with our move that we almost had to rehome him. He couldn’t go anywhere on leash without completely losing it and we couldn’t ever have friends over because he was so fear aggressive. We had tried every positive reinforcement training imaginable, gone to a vet behaviorist and trainer, tried meds, and nothing worked. We had been wary of e-collars and them being used wrong, but we had literally no other options. Scott and Cameron came over and patiently went through the e-collar with us, explaining the theory behind it and how we could use it without traumatizing our already sensitive dog. Within ten minutes of George working with Scott and Cameron and the e-collar, they were able to walk past him and even come in to our house. Our work is far from over and he remains a bit reactive on leash - mostly if he is surprised- but he is also deaf and partially visually impaired so he is always just a little more on edge than other dogs. But for now - we’ll settle with being able to go on walks, play off leash, go on hikes (with wide enough trails), and actually have friends and family visit! We owe Scott and Chill Out dog training immensely. Highly recommend!Vivian S.Vivian S. ★★★★★ Could not have had a better experience. After one visit our dogs were completely different animals. I can't recommend Chill Out enough!Thomas B.Thomas B. ★★★★★ Scott and his team are the best! I was apprehensive about using an e-collar on our dog and they gave me several approaches we can take, as well as took the...Sam T.Sam T. ★★★★★ If you read no more than this first sentence, know that we HIGHLY recommend Scott and his team to train aggressive tendencies. BEST IN THE BUSINESS, period....Alex F.Alex F. ★★★★★ It's been just under 1 year since we hired Scott to work with our young adult dog Ally.

Before we hired Scott, she was just... mean. She was incredibly JEALOUS and would nip at dogs that went anywhere near her bed or me. She'd whine and cry when a big dog came around, and frankly was just an aggressive jerk toward other dogs. It was honestly starting to affect my relationship with her! As I grew more resentful and frustrated, I finally hired CODT.

Then we had just ONE session with Scott. ONE. He's seriously a wizard. She is now a BRAND NEW DOG. She is now confident, sweet, and I bring her with me everywhere now. We have a dog-friendly office, where she used to be very aggressive. But now she goes every day and can be left alone. And she's nice! No longer a big jerk face 🙂 We originally hired him just to take care of her aggression toward other dogs, but we also got the added benefit of nicer greetings and better jumping managers! If you're on the fence at all, take it from someone who regrets waiting too long and book your session. You won't regret it.
Stephanie Thy T.Stephanie Thy T.
★★★★★ I highly recommend Scott and his company, Chill Out Dog Training, to anyone who is looking to train their dog. Whether it be basic obedience skills or what my dog needed, which was more focused training on fearfulness, reactivity, and aggressiveness towards other animals and humans alike.

Scott took the time to help my dog become more secure in the world outside of our home, and trained me to be a more confident owner. He displayed many methods to use with my dog and I enjoyed the training process he shared with me.

I would consider Scott’s training as an “I do, We do, You do” approach, which helped me immensely. First step was to watch him work with my dog while he explained, in detail, what he was doing and the expectations. Then, we would work on the techniques together with my dog. Lastly, I would use those methods by myself with my dog alongside continued guidance from him.

Scott is a kind, knowledgeable, and skillful dog trainer and I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is seeking to have a well-trained dog.

Kind regards,
Lindsay & Bisbee
Lindsay L.Lindsay L.
★★★★★ I highly recommend Chill Out Dog Training. I had recently adopted a shelter dog and did not know anything about her background. She displayed some weird habits and things I wanted to correct, such as nipping at people's feet. She also lunged at other dogs and people when I walked her. Working with Scott, he helped me understand her behavior and how to correct it. He is great. She is so much improved and I now look forward to walking her. Most important, he provided me tools to assist down the line with behaviors that I would like to change. Thanks Scott!!!Dee Parker N.Dee Parker N. ★★★★★ Scott is extremely knowledgeable, professional, kind, and helpful! We were at a loss when out of nowhere two of our dogs started attacking each other. We hired Scott and he came to our rescue. He was passionate about learning about each dog, and genuinely cared. He helped us understand why the dogs were fighting, and gave us an amazing foundation to work with both of them separately and together. He trained us as much as he trained our dogs. I feel completely confident with our new skills, and our future with our dogs.Kylee N.Kylee N. ★★★★★ We recently added a fourth dog to our pack. She is a little deaf gal and we needed some help getting her settled and adjusted to the other dogs in our pack.

Scott was recommended by a friend and I gave him a call. After our conversation I was hopeful my newest pack member could be part of our family.

After the first session, I was hooked!

Scott was able to assess my pack and pick out the true trouble maker. He worked one on one with each dog. As they learned, we added more dogs until all four were involved. It was amazing how quickly my dogs learned and wanted to please. Scott gave me the tools to continue to help my dogs learn.

Watching Scott adjust his training to manage the deaf dog was amazing. She had a few hand signals and we were able to add a few more. It was hard to believe she was his first deaf dog!

Four sessions later, I have a pack of better mannered dogs! I am no longer fearful they will fight. I can now come home and step into a calm home. I can have company come in without a lot of door drama. When I give the command for them to “place”, they all settle down on their favorite spots.
Scott did an amazing job working with the both the humans and dogs in the home to make everyone comfortable.

We are truly living the Chill Out dog life!
Jill Halsey B.Jill Halsey B.
★★★★★ I can not say enough about how thankful I am for not only the great training my dog and I received, but the kindness and patience Scott had with us. My sweet Gracie is a rescue and suffered from severe separation anxiety, to the point where I was afraid to leave her alone because she would chew through the metal bars on her crate. I felt at the time that my only option was to medicate her, which only made her a shell of the dog that she is. After working with Scott, Gracie can comfortably go in her crate and stay for long periods of time without the destruction, she’s less fearful around other dogs, and her confidence has skyrocketed! I feel the tools we learned over our four weeks of training are things that we can continue to work with and build upon throughout Gracie’s lifetime. I’m so grateful to have my happy dog back!Rebecca A.Rebecca A. ★★★★★ We had a great experience with Chill Out Dog Training! Scott is an amazing trainer who not only works with the dog but with the dog owners as well. We initially went to Scott because our dog Frank randomly started to exhibit dog reactivity behavior and wouldn’t stop whining and tugging whenever a dog was in sight. The walks became unpleasant to say the least. During our first 90 minute session with Scott, he educated us on why the behavior was occurring and we started to work with Frank immediately. After the first session- our walks instantly become enjoyable again- Frank ignores other dogs and walks right beside us! We then started to move onto other problem areas such as separation anxiety and social skills with Frank. Each session Scott was always professional, patient, and kind with his approach while working with Frank (and us). Just a heads up- Scott will give you “homework” and things to work on between sessions. In order to get the most out of your sessions with him be sure to come prepared with feedback and progress!Casey R.Casey R. ★★★★★ I would definitely recommend Scott for dog training! I have a year old terrier mix who is really high energy and strong willed. Scott was amazing with him and I noticed a difference in his behavior immediately. He did a great job explaining the process to me and gave me a lot of ideas of things I could do for specific behavioral issues. He is professional, always on time, easy to schedule with and made himself available for questions between the sessions. I'm very happy with the results!Jeanine Y.Jeanine Y. ★★★★★ Milo is a one year old beagle mix with endless energy who likes to steal items that are not his and chew them to pieces, and generally be the alpha in his home. After 4 sessions with Scott, he learned loose leash walking, staying on his "place", no more jumping on furniture, and consequences when he chews up his owner's favorite socks. Today he learned to come on command at the park in the midst of an RC car driving by, small kids and other dogs close by, and even sat calmly for an hour at an outdoor restaurant! He has made remarkable progress in the last month! ��� we highly recommend Scott at Chill Out dog training!Jacque S.Jacque S. ★★★★★ I have a 4 year old rescue German Shepherd Beagle mix named Levi. He suffered from anxiety when outside of the home, dog reactivity, and pulled while being walked on leash. Scott took the time to fully understand my wants, as well as my dogs needs. He helped show me the proper tools to use, and how to safely and effectively use them. He helped me to understand what was going on with Levi, and how to help him get through these issues. Scott helped me to gain the confidence I needed to help Levi be a happy and respectful dog. I can confidently continue working with Levi on my own now with all the skills Scott taught me. I would recommend Chill Out Dog Training to anyone!Sarah L.Sarah L. ★★★★★ Count chocula and I had a great time with Scott today. The training is very relaxed and the count took right too it. We are going to have him come over in the next couple weeks to work with our other French bulldog.Nick S.Nick S. ★★★★★ Scott helped us to resolve some dog reactivity issues with our Great Dane puppy. He was wonderful to work with! Scott took the time to understand our goals for our pup and came up with a plan that worked with our family and lifestyle. We really appreciated his balanced approach to training, he thoughtfulness and ability to adapt to our lifestyle with two very young kids, and his responsiveness to all of our questions. We've seen tremendous progress with our puppy, and even my husband bought in to his approach (which was a huge hurdle to clear in the first place!). I would highly recommend CODT to anyone who needs support with their dogs behavior!Kendall C.Kendall C. ★★★★★ Our precious Stella-dog had a wonderful training session w. Scott today. Her obnoxious behaviors came under control in a very short time with Scott's simple, straight-forward yet sensible instruction. We practiced with her and we will continue to practice what he taught our family.
(Phoenix, AZ)
Peg McClure S.Peg McClure S.
★★★★★ Excellent results from a passionate trainer! Scott understands how to work with a variety of different dog breeds and will set you and your dog up for success!Evan L.Evan L. ★★★★★ YOU CAN TEACH AN OLD DOG NEW TRICKS! Our bichon Charlie benefitted tremendously from Scott’s work! He has always been a good hearted dog, but would panic (aka BARK) at the doorbell/landscapers/new guests in house/etc. He also had a real bad habit of pulling and choking himself on his leash.

We sent Charlie to the “Chill Out Bootcamp” for a week and we got back a totally “Chill Out Dog”! He heels perfectly now with his prong collar, and has learned to stay and be content in his “place” (dog bed) when guests arrive. He is a much happier dog now, not so anxious, and we owe a renewal on life for Charlie to Chill Out Dog Training- thanks guys!
Will J.Will J.
★★★★★ Pinocho walks without a leash, listens to commands, and can be trusted with the door. He used to escape every chance he had. He would run out door and run for miles. I was afraid he would get hurt by a car or losing track of him. I'm 7 months pregnant with twins and couldn't deal with the stress or the risk of running after him. Scott changed his behavior and taught us how to reinforce and reward good behavior. Highly recommend his services.Greta Mayans D.Greta Mayans D. ★★★★★ I would highly recommend Chill Out Dog Training! I have a 9 month old french bulldog that was extremely stubborn, destructive and would run if the door opened slightly. I was at a complete loss. I never hired a trainer, but people told me that was the only option with french bulldogs. I researched several options but none seemed to be a good fit or they were too expensive. A friend recommended Scott Ross. I was skeptical until I met him. He asked me to list every issue I had with our dog as he listened attentively. I did not have high expectation because our dog was so stubborn. But after 1.5hrs, she could walk on a leash, sit, stay and go into her kennel without a fuss. I was in shock! And her newly learned behavior stuck! I don’t have much time to commit to training —but it isn’t necessary with Scott’s training techniques. Our dog, Jett, just completed her 4th lesson and Scott corrected EVERY issue we discussed and more (and trust me, the list was long). Now, I absolutely love my dog!! And I truly only have Scott to thank for it. I don’t know what I would have done without Chill Out Dog Training and Scott.Meghan Renee Guarino B.Meghan Renee Guarino B. ★★★★★ Scott's advice and training has really helped us communicate with our dog!Tanner L.Tanner L. ★★★★★ We are so thankful for Chill Out Dog Training! Not only did our puppy, Luna, learn to chill out, but so did we! Luna was exhibiting the typical puppy behaviors for our first several months as owners. Potty training, bite pressure guidance, and boundary setting were daunting tasks. We were embarrassed when Luna would have an accident or greet another human with her mouth around their hand. It became exasperating to come home to a mess all over the floor, especially because we were in the middle of moving. However, Scott calmly walked us through the whole training process. The step-by-step training really helped us tackle one behavior at a time. Now, Luna is completely potty trained! She has learned a few tricks and is still learning how to be a well-behaved puppy. We have also become more informed and relaxed owners. Scott’s advice has truly helped us and we will continue to call Scott with any behavior questions in the future. I highly recommend Chill Out Dog Training!Tori L.Tori L. ★★★★★ We are so happy we learned about Chill Out Dog and their services! We observed an instant behavior transformation after one session with both our dogs. We can finally walk both dogs together. We look forward to future sessions! Thank you Scott, Miko and Gus!!Coley I.Coley I.

Frequently Asked Questions

While every dog and dog owner is unique, there are some questions we receive here at Chill Out Dog Training that many people have.

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I spent nearly two years and tried 3 different trainers to help my reactive dog, Stella, but nothing really worked. It was affecting both our lives severely. Then I found Chill Out Dog Training and worked with Scott—his calm and clear instruction was a total game-changer! Just after the first session, Stella was noticeably more at ease around other dogs, and I felt more confident too! Before, I wouldn't have trusted Stella off-leash; she had run off and had zero recall. But now, we've comfortably ventured into crowded trails, farmers markets, and even a dog park! This past weekend, she even swam in a lake off-leash and came right back when called! If you're researching trainers in Denver, seriously, stop the search and book with Chill Out Dog Training! They've earned their 5-star rating, and I can't express how thankful and relieved I am for the huge, life-changing improvement they brought to our lives!
- Lauren R. via Google
I would highly recommend Chill Out Dog Training! If I could give them 6 stars, I definitely would! I recently rescued my dog Bella about 3 weeks ago. I found she has leash reactivity issues by growling and barking at other strangers and dogs. Going on walks made me so anxious, and it was embarrassing when Bella would growl or bark at passer-bys. When I reached out to CODT, they got back with me right away and said they could definitely help. My session with Cameron went so much better than I expected! He started out explaining why she has leash reactivity issues, and what he would do to help mitigate it. He was patient, gentle, and walked me through everything. Our time spent with Cameron was extremely valuable, and within the first 10 minutes of training Bella, she already made significant progress. I couldn't thank CODT enough and Cameron for their help! I finally feel comfortable bringing my dog outside and to the park.
- Sydney R. via Google
Cameron is an absolute godsend! I have a Weimaraner rescue named Odin who is 90lbs of solid muscle and while he is the most perfectly house trained dog, his leash pulling was beyond aggressive - dragging me, literally on the ground making walks terrifying to both me and onlookers. After 1 session with Cameron, Odin is doing so much better. I highly recommend Chill Out Dog Training!
- Sheena via Google
We worked with Cameron at Chill Out Dog Training for our highly reactive rescue who broke a window charging at another dog pre-training. After just a few sessions, we can now take her to public places like breweries with other dogs nearby without issues. She even plays with some dogs now! Cameron also helped improve our second dog's behavior. His in-home training was ideal for our situation, making it possible for our rescue to have a life beyond our yard. He explained techniques clearly, tailored training to each dog, and gave us peace of mind by letting us test methods on ourselves. Highly worthwhile!
- Sharadyn C. via Google
I had the pleasure of working with Cameron from Chill Out Dog Training. I was looking for a trainer for my 5 year old Border Collie Mix Lily who overall is a great dog but dealt with some anxiety in public situations, some territory issues, and a little aggressiveness. Cameron and Chill Out Dog where overall great to help with these issues. I met Cameron at the dog park, he immediately began working with Lily, and myself as well. I really enjoyed how descriptive he was in what he was doing and why he was doing it. I found that incredibly helpful for myself to take home and work on as well. By the end of the session Lily already showed signs of improvement and as the days have gone by she has continued to make strides with the expertise that Cameron passed along. If needed I will definitely schedule a follow up session. If you're looking for dog training, Chill Out Dog is a great choice.
- Matt F. via Google
Scott and Cam were super helpful when it came to training our dog! The main problems we were having included barking and lunging on walks and each problem was addressed during our session with them. They gave us a lot of information and even showed us how to correct certain problems that we didn't know how to correct in the past. I've already seen so much improvement in my dog's behavior and it's only been a couple of days. I highly recommend working with them for any dog training needs you have!
- Renee Y. via Google