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We’ve helped owners replace feelings of frustration and anxiety with confidence and pride.  Here are a few testimonials from some of our previous clients.

I had the pleasure of working with Cameron from Chill Out Dog Training. I was looking for a trainer for my 5 year old Border Collie Mix Lily who overall is a great dog but dealt with some anxiety in public situations, some territory issues, and a little aggressiveness. Cameron and Chill Out Dog where overall great to help with these issues. I met Cameron at the dog park, he immediately began working with Lily, and myself as well. I really enjoyed how descriptive he was in what he was doing and why he was doing it. I found that incredibly helpful for myself to take home and work on as well. By the end of the session Lily already showed signs of improvement and as the days have gone by she has continued to make strides with the expertise that Cameron passed along. If needed I will definitely schedule a follow up session. If you're looking for dog training, Chill Out Dog is a great choice.
- Matt F. via Google

We had a blast working with Scott! 🐾😎
His training style is relaxed yet professional, with a wonderful mix of fairness & safety for our pooch. And us! Now we can go forward with the inclusive lifestyle that we want w our boy; off leash playtime, patio dining and just chillin at home. This quality of training allows for the bonding experience we all long for. 🙏🏼
- Keith D. via Google

We had the most amazing experience training with Cameron N. to work on introducing my 6 year old Shepherd to a new puppy who will be in the home often. Cameron is incredibly knowledgeable in all things dog, and we had a blast getting answers to any and all questions that came to mind. He thoroughly explained all the steps required of us and the dogs through the training process, leaving us with zero concern or hesitation by the end of our three sessions.

During our first intro with the pup, my Shepherd was snarling, lunging, barking, and very aggressive. Thanks to Cameron we are now able to sit in the same space as a family with the dogs remaining calm and cooperative.

I have already recommended this company (and specifically Cameron) to 3 people in my life, and will likely recommend to many more! Thanks Cameron!
- R S via Google

Frannie is a new dog! I feel like with Scott's help, I am able to better communicate with Frannie and work with her rather than against her. Our relationship has never been better and I now have the tools to give Frannie a better life. Our world was starting to feel very small, but with Scott's intuition, insight and amazing ability to read dogs' energies and behaviors, Frannie and I are in a much better place!
- Becca B. via Google

Cameron is an absolute godsend! I have a Weimaraner rescue named Odin who is 90lbs of solid muscle and while he is the most perfectly house trained dog, his leash pulling was beyond aggressive - dragging me, literally on the ground making walks terrifying to both me and onlookers. After 1 session with Cameron, Odin is doing so much better. I highly recommend Chill Out Dog Training!
- Sheena via Google

We would highly recommend Scott's services as your dog trainer but more importantly as your human trainer. He is not only great with the dog's issues but with making sure you understand what might be happening in the dog's brain causing the unwanted behavior. He offers many options on training tools/devices and will focus your training sessions on what you want. We saw immediate responsiveness in our new pup Sherman on our first walk using his techniques. Scott is flexible with scheduling - in fact we split up one of our sessions into two different days due to a weather mishap. Another time we had a dog park session scheduled but when he came there were no other dogs and he was ready to reschedule no problem instead of working on something else because that is one of the things we really wanted to work on. Highly recommended, well worth your $$
- Rob M. via Google

I had an unbelievable experience with Chill Out Dog Training! My dog Stella was having an extremely difficult time around other dogs and was very reactive even just passing by others. This is the 3rd trainer I’ve been to and it’s been almost a 2 year process. First, I sent my dog to a board and train for 2 weeks.. after that didn’t work, I tried 1:1 sessions with a pronged collar and different trainer. That didn’t work either, and I was back to the drawing board. my dogs behavior was taking a toll on me and was really impacting her quality of life and ability to socialize & go on adventures with me. I’m not sure who was more anxious, (Stella or me).. but it was horrible.
If you’re researching trainers in Denver, honestly stop the search and book with this company. They have a 5 star rating for a reason. I personally worked with Scott, and his calm, patient, encouraging, and thoughtful approach was just what we needed. He gave clear instruction and took his time making sure I understood everything he was saying. I saw an immediate improvement, after the first session was even over! She was passing dogs with ease. She’s now much calmer & more confident…and so am I. Additionally, I never would’ve trusted her off leash in an open space previously because shes run off before and had zero recall. This has changed our lives, and we’ve gone for hikes on relatively crowded trails, farmers markets, the dog park, etc. This weekend, she was even able to go off leash and swim in the lake for a bit and came right back when I called her.
I’m so thankful and relieved to have found CODT!!
- Lauren R. via Google

We adopted a Rottweiler and named him Ocho, he's a big knuckle head, always sweet with our infant child but has demonstrated pretty significant aggression towards other dogs. So we hired a dog trainer named Emily, she was steadfast in her approach which is entirely built around positive reinforcement and trying to distract the dog when he goes into fits of rage. With her training we saw almost no return on a substantial investment and reluctantly accepted that we had a problem with out a clear solution. One day Ocho opened the front door and attacked a neighbors dog as she was walking by -- it was horrifying. I thought for sure we'd have to put him down and hated to do it, I could see so much potential in this dog. In a final hail marry attempt I found Chill Out Dog Training on Google and gave them a call. I ended up speaking with Scott, the owner of the business. His voice was calm and reassuring, he suggested we give his method a try, but like a lot of folks I've had reservations about shock collars. After just one session we saw remarkable improvement and I learned they can be incredibly effective with the right training without hurting the animal. The results were astonishing -- I can't say enough good things about Scott and Chill Out Dog Training. If you have a pet that really needs help I suggest you give him a call. Here's a video of Ocho wearing the e collar watching dogs on the side of the fence and not loosing his mind! We have success!!!
- Ilan B via Google

I would highly recommend Chill Out Dog Training! If I could give them 6 stars, I definitely would!

I recently rescued my dog Bella about 3 weeks ago. I found she has leash reactivity issues by growling and barking at other strangers and dogs. Going on walks made me so anxious, and it was embarrassing when Bella would growl or bark at passerby's.

When I reached out to CODT, they got back with me right away and said they could definitely help. My session with Cameron went so much better than I expected! He started out explaining why she has leash reactivity issues, and what he would do to help mitigate it. He was patient, gentle, and walked me through everything. Our time spent with Cameron was extremely valuable, and within the first 10 minutes of training Bella, she already made significant progress.

I couldn't thank CODT enough and Cameron for their help! I finally feel comfortable bringing my dog outside and to the park.
- Sydney R via Google