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At Chill Out Dog Training, we understand the tumultuous journey you may have traveled with your boisterous canine companion. Are you looking to transform the relationship, aiming for a harmonious bond? We’re here to guide you, with a method that’s both inviting and transformative.

The CODT Yes/No Training Journey:

Imagine your dog’s behavior as a garden. While some plants grow wildly, overshadowing the beautiful blooms, our Yes/No training method weeds out those unwanted habits and nurtures the desired ones. Like vigilant gardeners, we offer clarity and consequence, emphasizing both correction and reward. This high contrast approach provides your dog with clear data to integrate, paving the way for swift behavioral adjustments.

Why Some Trainers Fall Short:

Many trainers might paint a fuzzy picture, inadvertently permitting undesirable habits, while others may rely on awkward dominance rituals that are unsafe and unkind. This isn’t our way. We’re your steadfast partners in reintroducing joy, freedom, and peace. Witness the transformation as we tackle real issues, offering genuine results.

Distinguishing the CODT Way:

  1. Customized Training: We see every dog as a unique individual. Our approach isn’t one-size-fits-all. We pivot according to your dog’s needs, background, and challenges, ensuring their training journey is tailored to them.
  2. Simple to Nuance: We start by halting the major misbehaviors. This transformative step reintroduces joy and peace, as it typically involves simply preventing an undesired behavior.
  3. Backstops: Instead of tiptoeing around temptation, we directly address it. We instill lessons in our canine students so that they resist even the most tantalizing temptations.
  4. Progress over Perfection: Our aim isn’t to chase an elusive ‘perfect’, but to continually move towards it. We celebrate every improvement, no matter how small.
  5. Teaching Good Behavior: Instead of temporary tricks, we teach your dog genuine manners. This ensures they respond not just in the moment but consistently, even after the command ends.


Our Use of Tools: We employ safe, effective tools like e-collars, always opting for the lowest effective correction. Our method avoids confrontational techniques, opting instead for tools that safely guide behavior. Expect no choke chains, alpha-rolls, or uncomfortable dominance displays. We believe in respecting our furry friends while guiding their behavior.

Join the CODT Family: Our record speaks for itself, with over 200 glowing 5-star reviews from satisfied dog owners in Denver. Most of our clients achieve a harmonious bond in less than three sessions, a testament to our unique, client-centric approach. Dive into this transformative journey with us, and let’s achieve that desired bond together. Embrace the CODT way, where we get real, and you get real results.