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Experience a transformational journey with Chill Out Dog Training. We specialize in solving seemingly unsolvable behavior and training issues for dog owners, replacing frustration with confidence and pride. Our guaranteed results ensure your dog can truly “chill out.”

Enjoy personalized 90-minute one-on-one training sessions, either in the field or at your home, where we troubleshoot challenging behaviors in real-time. Local parks like Wash Park, Sloan’s Lake, Berkeley Lake Park, and Commons Park are our go-to meeting spots.

With 2-3 sessions, most clients achieve remarkable results, addressing leash pulling, obedience, reactivity, aggression, resource guarding, recall, and separation anxiety. Our rates are transparent and budget-friendly: $375 for the first session (90 minutes), $275 for follow-ups (90 minutes), and an all-inclusive E-Collar Package for $1000 (includes 3, private, 90-minute sessions and $220 e-collar system).

Let Chill Out Dog Training guide you towards harmony with your canine companion. Embrace a life of confidence and joy as we lead your dog to a calmer, well-behaved state. Contact us today and witness the incredible progress that awaits you and your furry friend.