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In 2011, the story of Chill Out Dog Training began with Scott and Miko Ross, who welcomed Gus, a bold and powerful German Shepherd Lab mix, into their lives. As Gus grew, so did his boisterous disposition and talent for stirring up trouble, leading to extreme behavior issues like leash reactivity and aggression. Determined to help their beloved companion, Scott and Miko embarked on a journey to find the perfect solution.

The couple tried every training class, redirection method, and training collar that seemed promising, hoping to bring a sense of calm to Gus’s demeanor. However, despite their efforts, nothing seemed to help him “chill out” and overcome his behavioral challenges. Undeterred, Scott and Miko’s devotion to Gus drove them to continue their quest for answers.

It was during this search that they stumbled upon a transformative methodology that emphasized consequences for poor choices and the importance of a more structured lifestyle. These missing components turned out to be the key to shaping Gus into a well-mannered and relaxed dog. Witnessing Gus’s incredible transformation, friends and family were awestruck and couldn’t help but notice the positive changes in him.

As more people witnessed Gus’s progress, they began reaching out to Scott for assistance with their own dogs. While Gus’s behavioral challenges were more extreme than most, the training principles and protocols they applied were universal. Realizing the potential to make a difference in the lives of struggling dog owners and their furry companions, Scott and Miko saw an opportunity to share their newfound expertise with others.

In 2016, driven by a deep sense of passion and the desire to help fellow dog owners, Chill Out Dog Training (CODT) was officially established. The mission was clear – to extend a helping hand to those facing behavioral challenges with their dogs and to teach them the same effective training techniques that had brought such positive changes to Gus’s life.

Since its inception, CODT has been dedicated to helping dog owners and their furry friends find harmony and balance in their relationships. Scott and Miko’s personal journey with Gus has laid the foundation for a training approach that is not only effective but also universally applicable to dogs of all breeds and personalities.

At Chill Out Dog Training, the focus goes beyond mere training sessions. It’s a true partnership between Scott, Miko, and their clients – a bond formed by the shared love for dogs and the unwavering commitment to create lasting behavioral transformations. The success stories of numerous dogs and their owners have made CODT a trusted name in the canine behavior solution space.

As Chill Out Dog Training continues to grow, so does their dedication to optimizing the lives of dogs and their owners. The journey that began with the love and devotion for one remarkable dog has evolved into a thriving business aimed at enhancing the well-being of countless furry companions and fostering stronger human-dog connections.

Discover the difference that Chill Out Dog Training can make for you and your beloved canine companion. Let Scott, Miko, and their team help you embark on a journey towards a happier, more balanced life with your four-legged friend. Experience the transformative power of their methodology and witness positive changes that will deepen the bond between you and your furry companion. Join the CODT family today and unlock the full potential of your dog’s behavior.

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