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I spent nearly two years and tried 3 different trainers to help my reactive dog, Stella, but nothing really worked. It was affecting both our lives severely. Then I found Chill Out Dog Training and worked with Scott—his calm and clear instruction was a total game-changer! Just after the first session, Stella was noticeably more at ease around other dogs, and I felt more confident too! Before, I wouldn't have trusted Stella off-leash; she had run off and had zero recall. But now, we've comfortably ventured into crowded trails, farmers markets, and even a dog park! This past weekend, she even swam in a lake off-leash and came right back when called! If you're researching trainers in Denver, seriously, stop the search and book with Chill Out Dog Training! They've earned their 5-star rating, and I can't express how thankful and relieved I am for the huge, life-changing improvement they brought to our lives!
- Lauren R. via Google
I would highly recommend Chill Out Dog Training! If I could give them 6 stars, I definitely would! I recently rescued my dog Bella about 3 weeks ago. I found she has leash reactivity issues by growling and barking at other strangers and dogs. Going on walks made me so anxious, and it was embarrassing when Bella would growl or bark at passer-bys. When I reached out to CODT, they got back with me right away and said they could definitely help. My session with Cameron went so much better than I expected! He started out explaining why she has leash reactivity issues, and what he would do to help mitigate it. He was patient, gentle, and walked me through everything. Our time spent with Cameron was extremely valuable, and within the first 10 minutes of training Bella, she already made significant progress. I couldn't thank CODT enough and Cameron for their help! I finally feel comfortable bringing my dog outside and to the park.
- Sydney R. via Google
Cameron is an absolute godsend! I have a Weimaraner rescue named Odin who is 90lbs of solid muscle and while he is the most perfectly house trained dog, his leash pulling was beyond aggressive - dragging me, literally on the ground making walks terrifying to both me and onlookers. After 1 session with Cameron, Odin is doing so much better. I highly recommend Chill Out Dog Training!
- Sheena via Google
We worked with Cameron at Chill Out Dog Training for our highly reactive rescue who broke a window charging at another dog pre-training. After just a few sessions, we can now take her to public places like breweries with other dogs nearby without issues. She even plays with some dogs now! Cameron also helped improve our second dog's behavior. His in-home training was ideal for our situation, making it possible for our rescue to have a life beyond our yard. He explained techniques clearly, tailored training to each dog, and gave us peace of mind by letting us test methods on ourselves. Highly worthwhile!
- Sharadyn C. via Google
I had the pleasure of working with Cameron from Chill Out Dog Training. I was looking for a trainer for my 5 year old Border Collie Mix Lily who overall is a great dog but dealt with some anxiety in public situations, some territory issues, and a little aggressiveness. Cameron and Chill Out Dog where overall great to help with these issues. I met Cameron at the dog park, he immediately began working with Lily, and myself as well. I really enjoyed how descriptive he was in what he was doing and why he was doing it. I found that incredibly helpful for myself to take home and work on as well. By the end of the session Lily already showed signs of improvement and as the days have gone by she has continued to make strides with the expertise that Cameron passed along. If needed I will definitely schedule a follow up session. If you're looking for dog training, Chill Out Dog is a great choice.
- Matt F. via Google
Scott and Cam were super helpful when it came to training our dog! The main problems we were having included barking and lunging on walks and each problem was addressed during our session with them. They gave us a lot of information and even showed us how to correct certain problems that we didn't know how to correct in the past. I've already seen so much improvement in my dog's behavior and it's only been a couple of days. I highly recommend working with them for any dog training needs you have!
- Renee Y. via Google