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At Chill Out Dog Training, we believe the best way to transform behavior is working through the problem, together. We meet you and your dog for a one-on-one training session out in the real world: at your home, your neighborhood park, a favorite restaurant patio, you name it… By assessing the problem-behavior out in the real world, we identify why your dog is acting out. Once the source of the misbehavior has been identified, we adapt our selection of tools and techniques, a combination of high-value rewards and fair consequences, to find what works best for you and your dog.  Our one-on-one training produces confident and well-mannered dogs and teaches you the techniques to keep up the success.

Our Training Process

Understand Challenges & Your Goals

First, we learn about the challenges you are facing and your big goal for our training. Some owners have a dream of simply walking down the street, others aspire to do an off-leash hike with their dog. No matter the objective, we can tailor the session to achieve those goals.

Decide on Location

Once we’ve learned more about your objectives, we determine the best place to hold the training session. Depending on the behavior challenges and your goals, we may meet at your home, at a local park, the dog park – the aim is to work in the environment where the challenges can be observed live.


At your one-on-one session, we’ll seek out those situations that pose the biggest challenge. This could be walking by “that one house” in your neighborhood with the dogs or perhaps it is greeting house guests. After observing the behavior in real time, we can quickly get to work!

Get to Work

We suggest an action plan that includes a variety of tools, techniques and methods that will best help reduce the misbehavior and get you closer to achieving your goals. You’re in the driver seat, so we make sure you are comfortable and feel confident employing any tools and methods we recommend.

Teach You the Skills

After we establish a tool set and action plan, we build a new foundation and turn the leash over to you. Our training focuses on giving you the skills you need to ensure you can keep up the success once the trainer has gone home.

Here are a few of the common behaviors we work on during our 1-on-1 sessions. The severity of the behavior will dictate the number of sessions required, but most clients work with us for 2-3 sessions.

  • Pulling While On Leash
  • Learning Sit, Down, Stay & Here
  • Holding Commands
  • Phobias
  • Rude Greeting Manners
  • Aggression Issues (human and dog)
  • eCollar Training/Remote Collar Training
  • Highly Distracted Behavior
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Over-excitement
I have a very "high-spirited, focused, determined, strong-willed" cairn terrier puppy. With each session, "Dexter's" behavior would improve. Our last session focused on leash walking. I am astounded by the dramatic change just after one session. The next time I took Dexter out on my own I could not believe how well behaved he was. I would say he did a "160" (not quite a 180, but dam close). Scott is knowledgeable, calm, communicates with ease, professional and reliable. I highly recommend Chill Out Dog.
- Shawn C. via Google
Scott is a great trainer! He helped so much with the tricky issue of my dog's separation anxiety, which is a really tough behavior to tackle. I like that Scott tackles issues from a behaviorist's standpoint and really wants you to understand why a dog exhibits a certain behavior instead of just trying to correct it without thinking about the triggers and the psychology. Scott also came to my workplace for a fabulous dog training presentation with live demonstrations--could not recommend him enough!
- Mara D. via Google
Scott is absolutely amazing and helped change my dogs life. My dog Otis was so fearful of other dogs and people that I could barely take him anywhere. Dog parks were and absolute no and crowded street were a nightmare. He would lash out in fear and become aggressive if he felt threatened. I had worked with 2 other trainers before Scott with little to no improvement. Otis and I had several one on one sessions with Scott. He was always reliable and informative. He helped me find the right tools and techniques to use with Otis. During our sessions worked on his fear and aggressive behavior. Now Otis loves going to the dog park and manages busy streets more calmly. It is very hard to find a trainer that helps with and can manage behavior issues. I would work with Scott again in a heartbeat and would highly recommend him.
- Kalin T. via Google