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Muzzle Conditioning

September 27, 2021 -

The goal is for your dog to wear the muzzle for 3 minutes without attempting to take it off. Better still if he can walk down to the end of your block and back without attempting to remove it.

Many dogs will let you put it on, but then try to remove it as they walk with it. You can use feedback (verbal, touch, airtool, or E-Collar) to correct that choice. Don’t ask your dog to wear it for long until he’s built up his tolerance. Let us know if you’re having challenges. We are here to help!

The Walk

September 29, 2021 -

Our most popular training protocol is the “don’t pull me” walk. Our goal is to get you going on enjoyable walks even around temptations and distractions in record time. If you’ve worked with us on this, you’re likely well on your way.

We’ve found that shaping up the walk is often the best foundation for more serious behavior issues because it trains a non-impulsive, owner-deferential, relaxed, confident, chilled-out, mindset. Basically, it’s the attitude foundation on which we can build good choices and lovely behavior.

Separation Anxiety

December 16, 2022 -

Practice maintaining composure during alone time by gradually increasing the duration while using tailored eCollar feedback for flare-ups of inappropriate behavior (barking, scratching, howling, whining). We like to set up a “Game” where we create a pretend scenario of leaving for varied amounts of time.


September 29, 2021 -

Obedience is both understanding known commands as well as prioritizing listening and performance around distractions. The better the dog’s obedience the more reliably the command will be performed and held when issued regardless of circumstances.

This resource page focuses on stationary commands such as “sit,” “down,” and “place.” Recall or the “come/here” command is covered in another resource. Some dogs require additional accommodations which are beyond the scope of this resource.

Recall Protocol


Recall is the general term for the command you use to call your dog to you from a distance (i.e. “come,” “here,” a whistle, etc.). This guide is intended for owners who have been introduced to or are already working with an E-Collar. 

If your dog is likely to run off or simply not come back when called, you’ll want to start in a low distraction environment to get started. The dog should be wearing both the E-Collar and a harness with the leash attached to the back (to help keep the leash from getting under his feet). The shortest leash you can use is a 6-foot leash (good for puppies and dogs who are extremely green to recall), a Flexi lead (good for dogs who move quickly and aren’t put off by a little light leash tension), or often your best choices is a 30-50 foot long line (remember to use gloves to protect your hands). 

Leash Reactivity


Here’s some additional guidance to be added to The Walk if your dog is reactive to other dogs (or people) while being walked on a leash.

Heel & Off Leash Guide

February 21, 2023 -

This is an advanced Training Guide for owners who want to have their dog walk tightly at their side, in a focused manner, completely free of a leash.

Aggression Protocols

September 29, 2021 -

Note: This resource is intended to supplement clients who have worked with Chill Out Dog Training live and in-person, it is not intended as a substitute for in-person training or a comprehensive behavior modification guide. There is a lot of context that is provided in our sessions that does not appear here for the sake of brevity.

Tool set: Leash, Standard Collar, Back Attaching Harness, Muzzle, Pet Convincer (Air-Tool), E-Collar