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Transform your dog’s behavior with our expert one-on-one training sessions. Whether at home, in a park, or your favorite brewery, our 90-minute sessions target challenging behaviors where they happen.

Now Booking Every Sunday at Washington Park! – Due to high demand, we’ve dedicated Sundays exclusively for training at this favorite spot. Find this option under “Training Appointments” when you schedule.

Let’s work together on:

  • Leash Manners: Stop pulling and lunging.
  • Basic Commands: Sit, Down, Stay, Come.
  • Command Consistency: Obedience that lasts.
  • Fear Responses: Conquer phobias with confidence.
  • Greetings: Say hello politely.
  • Aggression: Towards humans or dogs, we can help.
  • E-Collar Expertise: Safe, effective remote training.
  • Distraction Proofing: Focus amid chaos.
  • Anxiety Issues: Alleviate separation woes.
  • Calmness Training: Turn excitement into serenity.

Sessions are available throughout our service area, including Washington Park, from Wednesday to Saturday. Most behavior changes are noticeable within 2-3 sessions. Unsure if we cover what you need? We’re here for all your dog’s quirks!

Ready for a change? Click “Schedule Today” below and let’s embark on this journey together.

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