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Finding the right “dog trainer near me” in Denver isn’t just about teaching your dog basic commands; it’s about transforming your life with your canine companion. At Chill Out Dog Training, we specialize in exactly that – transforming lives, one dog at a time. Our approach to dog training is unique, focusing on rapid transformations for dogs grappling with overexcitement, anxiety, or aggression.


Finding the right “dog trainer near me” in Denver isn’t just about teaching your dog basic commands; it’s about transforming your life with your canine companion. At Chill Out Dog Training, we specialize in exactly that – transforming lives, one dog at a time. Our approach to dog training is unique, focusing on rapid transformations for dogs grappling with overexcitement, anxiety, or aggression.

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Understanding Our Audience

As a dog owner, or rather, a ‘pet parent’, your relationship with your dog is a deeply personal one. Behavioral problems in dogs, ranging from minor quirks to major challenges, can strain this relationship. But there’s hope.

Here’s Ian’s CODT story:

After 20 sessions of group obedience trainings, our little man had made some progress, but still had some intense aggressive and reactive behaviors that stressed us out daily. After the first session with COTD, Scott was super knowledgeable, helpful, and we made so much progress. After the second session, we feel very confident taking our pup out in what used to be very stressful situations and getting back to what we enjoy doing outdoors.

Ian C.

What Makes Chill Out Dog Training Unique

Our elevator pitch says it all: “Major breakthroughs in your first 90-minute session”. Imagine changing the way you live with your dog almost immediately.

Our Services: Tailored to Your Needs

At Chill Out Dog Training, we offer personalized 90-minute, one-on-one training sessions. We meet you where the problems are – be it at your home or local Denver, Colorado parks like Wash Park, Sloan’s Lake, or Berkeley Lake Park. Our services are designed to address issues like leash pulling, obedience, reactivity, and aggression, among others. Our pricing is transparent and budget-friendly, ensuring quality training is accessible for all.

Success Stories and Testimonials

Our success can be measured through the words of our clients. Kelsey’s story with her 8 month old Lab, Abe, is a testament to our effectiveness.

I would highly recommend Chill Out Dog Training. I worked with Cameron and it is clear he is a master of this craft. I searched for help with dog training because my 8 month old lab puppy (Abe) entered the infamous “teenage” years and stopped listening. Up until contacting Chill Out, we’d attended half a dozen 4-12 week classes at the Humane Society and Petsmart. The focus of both was to bribe the dog with treats in exchange for good behavior. That only took us so far and often made Abe sick for a week until the next session. Upon meeting my dog Cameron was able to see Abe’s gregarious nature and work with both of us to find a balance and cultivate better listening skills. In just three sessions Abe has significantly more impulse control and I have more confidence working with him. I so appreciate Cameron’s support of my commitment to having a well-behaved dog. Cameron provided follow-ups and notes after each lesson so we could continue to improve even outside of sessions, he was available via email for questions and help, AND he sent us home with the best dog cookies in Denver. Thank you for taking my concerns seriously and working with Abe and I!

Kelsey D.

Lauren R’s journey with her dog Stella is another example. After trying various trainers, it was our methods that brought about a real change.

I had an unbelievable experience with Chill Out Dog Training! My dog Stella was having an extremely difficult time around other dogs and was very reactive even just passing by others. This is the 3rd trainer I’ve been to and it’s been almost a 2 year process. First, I sent my dog to a board and train for 2 weeks.. after that didn’t work, I tried 1:1 sessions with a pronged collar and different trainer. That didn’t work either, and I was back to the drawing board. my dogs behavior was taking a toll on me and was really impacting her quality of life and ability to socialize & go on adventures with me. I’m not sure who was more anxious, (Stella or me).. but it was horrible.

If you’re researching trainers in Denver, honestly stop the search and book with this company. They have a 5 star rating for a reason. I personally worked with Scott, and his calm, patient, encouraging, and thoughtful approach was just what we needed. He gave clear instruction and took his time making sure I understood everything he was saying. I saw an immediate improvement, after the first session was even over! She was passing dogs with ease. She’s now much calmer & more confident…and so am I. Additionally, I never would’ve trusted her off leash in an open space previously because shes run off before and had zero recall. This has changed our lives, and we’ve gone for hikes on relatively crowded trails, farmers markets, the dog park, etc. This weekend, she was even able to go off leash and swim in the lake for a bit and came right back when I called her.

I’m so thankful and relieved to have found CODT!!

Lauren R.

Addressing Common Behavioral Issues

At Chill Out Dog Training, we frequently tackle challenges like aggression, leash reactivity, and separation anxiety. Our innovative Yes/No training method isn’t just about correcting misbehavior; it’s about fostering the right behavior through clear and consistent feedback. This approach is particularly effective with issues that seem deeply ingrained or overwhelming for pet parents.

A prime example of an inspiring tale comes from a client with two Golden Retrievers, Archer and Decker. Archer, at two years old, had developed aggression towards other dogs, a behavior that influenced his younger sibling, Decker, who would bark whenever Archer did. This dynamic posed a significant challenge, but it also set the stage for a remarkable transformation.

I wanted to share with you the incredible progress Archer and Decker have made. Our journey began with Archer’s aggression towards other dogs, a challenge that Decker would instinctively echo. It was a pattern that needed addressing, especially with Archer being the older and more influential of the two.

On a recent morning walk – a scenario that used to be a minefield of triggers – we encountered a German Shepherd, previously Archer’s worst nightmare. This time, we tread carefully on an iced-over street, a potentially precarious situation. As we neared the German Shepherd, who began posturing, I braced myself, remote in hand, anticipating the usual reaction from Archer and Decker.

To my amazement, neither of them cared about the German Shepherd. There was no pulling, no barking – just calm, composed walking, even on the slippery ice!

I wish I had before and after videos to show the dramatic change, but the difference in their behavior speaks volumes. It’s a transformation that has profoundly impacted our daily lives.

Thanks to your training, Archer and Decker have learned to navigate their world with a newfound sense of calm and confidence. Our walks are no longer a source of stress but moments we all look forward to.

– Steph M.

Another example, the case of a client with two Belgian Malinois. They were on the verge of opting for a board and train program due to numerous at-home behavioral issues. One of the dogs, named Grizzly, exhibited an intense, almost aggressive fascination with water. He would launch himself at the hose’s water stream, aggressively bite at the hose, and wreak havoc on the plastic kiddie pool, leaving it riddled with gashes and holes. His behavior was not only destructive but also led to conflicts with his canine sibling, and fellow water lover, Star.

In our initial session, we introduced an e-collar, laying the groundwork for addressing these at-home challenges. The key was to help the client understand that our training method could be applied to virtually any behavior, not just the obvious ones. By working closely with them, we began to systematically correct Grizzly’s misbehavior around the water, hose, and kiddie pool. Our goal was to reframe his interaction with these items while maintaining the fun and excitement they brought him. Importantly, we set new boundaries, such as making the hose off-limits, to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for both dogs.

The transformation was remarkable. Within just 10 minutes, Grizzly’s demeanor shifted dramatically. He went from exhibiting alarming and potentially dangerous behaviors to being a well-behaved dog who could still joyously engage with the water. This shift not only enhanced Grizzly’s quality of life but also significantly reduced the tension between him and Star.

This case is a prime example of how Chill Out Dog Training, your go-to “dog training near you” in Denver, CO, can make profound changes in a single session. Our methods are not about quick fixes but rather about sustainable, positive changes in behavior that enhance the bond between you and your dog. Whether it’s a unique quirk or a challenging issue, our team is equipped to transform it, providing a peaceful coexistence and a happier, healthier relationship for you and your furry family member.

Philosophy and Approach

Our ethos is straightforward: real-world training for real-world results. This philosophy extends beyond basic training techniques, focusing on practical, everyday interactions between you and your dog. The foundation of our approach lies in the Yes/No training method, which balances positive reinforcement with clear, fair corrections. But our methodology is more than just a set of techniques; it’s a comprehensive approach to fostering a healthy, respectful relationship between dogs and their owners.

Why Some Trainers Fall Short

Many trainers tend to create ambiguity, allowing undesirable habits to persist, or they may enforce awkward dominance rituals that are both risky and less effective. We diverge from such practices, focusing instead on being your steadfast partners in restoring joy, freedom, and peace in your relationship with your dog. We tackle real issues head-on, offering tangible results rather than temporary fixes.

Distinguishing the CODT Way

  • Customized Training: Every dog is unique, and so are our training methods. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We adapt our strategies to fit your dog’s individual needs, background, and challenges, ensuring a personalized training journey. We distill what you and your dog need to know.
  • Simple to Nuance: Our initial focus is on halting major misbehaviors, a critical step in reintroducing joy and peace into your life. This often involves preventing an undesired behavior before it escalates.
  • Backstops: We don’t shy away from confronting temptations directly. Our in-house developed techniques allow us to do this without putting humans in conflict with the dog. Our training instills lessons that help dogs resist even the most enticing distractions, reinforcing discipline and self-control.
  • Progress over Perfection: We arrive at perfection when we celebrate each step forward, no matter where the starting line is. A small but meaningful step towards a better, more harmonious relationship, is a gain worth having.
  • Teaching Good Behavior: Our focus is on teaching genuine manners, not just temporary tricks. This approach ensures that dogs respond consistently, not only during training sessions but in their everyday lives.

Our Use of Tools

Our tool of choice, the e-collar, is employed for its safety and effectiveness, always using the lowest effective correction. We steer clear of confrontational and uncomfortable techniques like choke chains or alpha-rolls. Our training philosophy is about respecting and understanding our canine companions, guiding their behavior in a way that is humane and effective.

Through this comprehensive approach, we aim to not only address immediate behavioral issues but also lay the groundwork for a lasting, respectful, and joyful relationship between you and your dog. For more detailed insights into our methods, click here.

Community Engagement and Credibility

We are frequently are referred by local veterinarians, rescue organizations, and even other dog trainers, including Pet’s on Broadway, A Friend of Jack’s, Art of the Dog.

Expertise and Independence

In a world where credentials are common, we stand apart with our results. With 271 five-star reviews and unmatched success stories, our approach speaks for itself.


At Chill Out Dog Training, we don’t just train dogs; we transform lives. For those searching for a “dog trainer near me” in Denver, your journey towards a better life with your dog starts with us. Get started by booking a consultation or a session today!

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