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Scott is a great trainer! He helped so much with the tricky issue of my dog's separation anxiety, which is a really tough behavior to tackle. I like that Scott tackles issues from a behaviorist's standpoint and really wants you to understand why a dog exhibits a certain behavior instead of just trying to correct it without thinking about the triggers and the psychology. Scott also came to my workplace for a fabulous dog training presentation with live demonstrations--could not recommend him enough!
- Mara D. via Google
Josh and the rest of the team at Chill Out are awesome! In just the first session, they helped give us the tools and education to correct the worst part of our Pittie boy Chance's leash reactivity. Normally, we'd have to give other dogs a wide berth (like 10 yards+) just to make sure our boy didn't get too anxious. Literally after an hour of working with them and utilizing the e-collar, Chance is able to pass other dogs on the path with no reactivity. It's helped with the little bit of leash-pulling behavior he had as well. Can't recommend these guys highly enough!
- Connor C. via Google
We found Chill Out Dog Training online and could not be happier with our choice to pursue training for our dog with them. As lab owners, we struggled managing our high energy and overly excited rescue dog, Maya, on walks and while greeting people. Josh was great to work with. He was patient with Maya as well as with us, while we tried to figure out the best techniques and tools to use for Maya. After the training Maya received and persistence, she now walks obediently on a leash and responds to the tools we were provided when people come over. With a few more issues to work out with Maya, without question we plan to continue to use Chill Out Dog Training!
- Rachel T. via Google
Josh was amazing!! My pup Brady tends to pull excessively, and as he is 75 pounds, it can become a bit out of my control. He also tends to get distracted, overly excited and jumps on people. With only one session, Josh was able to provide me with some new tools to use with Brady that he now feels like a completely different dog. Walking at my side! I can't explain how much of a relief it is to feel and be in control. Thank you again!
- Kelly J. via Google
I have a very "high-spirited, focused, determined, strong-willed" cairn terrier puppy. With each session, "Dexter's" behavior would improve. Our last session focused on leash walking. I am astounded by the dramatic change just after one session. The next time I took Dexter out on my own I could not believe how well behaved he was. I would say he did a "160" (not quite a 180, but dam close). Scott is knowledgeable, calm, communicates with ease, professional and reliable. I highly recommend Chill Out Dog.
- Shawn C. via Google
Scott and Cam were super helpful when it came to training our dog! The main problems we were having included barking and lunging on walks and each problem was addressed during our session with them. They gave us a lot of information and even showed us how to correct certain problems that we didn't know how to correct in the past. I've already seen so much improvement in my dog's behavior and it's only been a couple of days. I highly recommend working with them for any dog training needs you have!
- Renee Y. via Google