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Chill Out Dog TrainingExcellentChill Out Dog Training5.0 Based on 273 reviews fromSee all reviews ★★★★★ These guys are seriously the best. Our dog is generally very good but got way over excited when we would pass people on walks and was becoming a danger to herself and others. One sessions with Cameron and it’s like a light bulb went off for both of us. She now has zero issues walking by people on the sidewalk, and I have the confidence that I could handle her if she ever does again. Best money I’ve ever spent!Tori S.Tori S. ★★★★★ Training with Cameron was THE best decision we've made for our dog Birdie. She is a rescue who was really leash reactive (dogs, squirrels, bikes, skateboard, etc), reactive at the window with anything passing by, with guests, in the car, etc. We tried so much other training (10+ sessions with another trainer and a 6 week reactivity course ) as well as medication which were all somewhat helpful but only very minimally with the reactivity (about a year process). We decided to try the e-collar package with Cameron in part because of all the positive reviews and also how comfortable I felt with the potential plan after chatting via the phone for a consultation. We started to notice a change quite literally after the first session. We just completed our third session and 6 months later she is a totally different dog. We can now go for walks without worry, go camping, take her on patio's, and really live life with her, versus around her. I was hesitant about the e-collar with all the conflicting information you see online but how Cameron teaches you to use it feels really fair for the dog. We can't thank Chill Out dog training enough!!!Lillie S.Lillie S. ★★★★★ I was scared to walk my pup before meeting Cameron. I now feel like I have the resources and skills to be a better owner to my leash reactive pup.Stacey H.Stacey H. ★★★★★ I worked with Cameron for our second session with my reactive dog. The first was when she was a puppy so her bad habits have had a couple years to harden. Cameron is so clear in his explanations and guidance. My dog was having literal toddler tantrums and he was unbothered. I saw a lot of what I was doing wrong in trying to curb her reactivity but now know I need to be more firm to give my dog clearer boundaries. The goal is breweries and patios this summer so we will definitely be doing a follow up or two after lots of practice! Our two walks since the training session have already been immensely better! Highly recommend!Julie D.Julie D. ★★★★★ They worked a miracle in one session with my very challenging dog. Cameron is extremely calm and knowledgeable, and he is very good with both dogs and owners. Definitely recommend.Sue D.Sue D. ★★★★★ We reached out to chill out dog training in hopes that they could help our pup Maverick with leash reactivity, and a couple other things we wanted to work on with him. We met with Cameron and he did a phenomenal job by helping us and giving us the tools to help put our pup at ease on walks. Now we can take maverick to more populated areas like Wash park, and tons of hiking trails as the weather gets warmer. Chill out dog training rules and we highly recommend them!!Kayla S.Kayla S. ★★★★★ Had one training with Cameron and it was amazing. Super knowledge and nice dude and was able to fix my dog’s reactivity on leash in about 20 minutes. Couldn't recommend Cameron and this company more.cory L.cory L. ★★★★★ Before training with Cameron, my pittie mix struggled with anxiety and reactivity, making outings stressful. Cameron's holistic approach not only improved Denver's behavior but also boosted my confidence. His consistent support between sessions was invaluable. Our journey has been transformative, thanks to Cameron's expertise and dedication. Highly recommended!Kristen S.Kristen S. ★★★★★ I’ve worked with Cameron a couple of times and it truly is a miracle lol. My one dog has separation anxiety and we worked through techniques to help break down the anxiety which was highly effective. I added a baby pitbull to the family and after a few months, my older dog and the puppy were attacking one another…it was awful. I was convinced I’d have to rehome the pup. I reached out to Cameron and he guided me through training techniques in my home to help shift the aggressive behaviors. IT WORKED. I was a bit skeptical but it truly worked and the dogs are okay now. It’s pretty mind blowing honestly. I 100% recommend chill out dog training for both separation anxiety and aggressive behaviorsAshley S.Ashley S. ★★★★★ We adopted our dog Nala in May of 2022 from a puppy mill in Iowa. Due to her experiences there, we had a long way to go to make her feel safe and comfortable. After about 7 months, we started to see some problem behaviors like separation anxiety, fear of men, strong reactions to minor noises or unexpected noises and incessant barking. We also struggled to have control over her when she would go on walks.We had a consultation call with Cameron and really liked his approach. Cameron has been SO helpful to us. He’s helped us to understand Nala’s behaviors, know how to anticipate them and mostly importantly, know how to respond.If you are considering using Chill Out Dog Training, it is worth every penny! We will be recommending Cameron to everyone we know who needs a little extra help with their furry friend!Jessica B.Jessica B. ★★★★★ We cannot say enough good things about Chill Out Dog Training! Cameron was professional, knowledgeable and great with our pup. He truly got us back on track in just a few sessions and we have seen immediate results. We highly recommend him for anyone looking for help!Jenny H.Jenny H. ★★★★★ I can not say enough great things about Chill Out + Cameron specifically. I signed up for the e collar package that includes the e-collar and 3 hour and a half sessions. I had a lot of hesitation about the e-collar because I didn’t want to hurt my pup or scare him as he’s a sensitive boy. My hesitations were very quickly diminished after testing it on myself and seeing how it was just essentially an annoyance to my pup. I am a HUGE fan and advocate for the e-collar now. For context, Zuni is an almost 1 year old mini golden doodle. Our main focus was working on recall and I saw significant improvements after our first session. After completing our 3 sessions, Zuni’s recall is near perfect and we can play comfortably in the park off-leash as well as do off-leash hiking. His overall obedience has improved significantly as well. Highly highly recommend Chill Out!!Joelle F.Joelle F. ★★★★★ CODT deserves every one of their 5 stars! Our new pit-mix rescue is a sweetheart but had too much enthusiasm, so walking her was a struggle and hiking/public places were out of the question. My partner & I just wanted to be able to walk her without changing direction at every dog or getting our arms yanked around at every bunny sighting. In our consultation call Cameron asked if we wanted to take her to dog parks and I truly thought that was out of the question for us. Well….by our third session she was minding her manners at a dog park! The 3-session e-collar package truly changed the way we can live our life with her. Now instead of harried walks in the alley avoiding all distractions, Nova can accompany us on hikes, park outings, and patio adventures. Thank you, Cameron!!!Charlotte N.Charlotte N. ★★★★★ Cameron helped Moose with his pulling and reactivity to other dogs. Moose is much calmer now.Natasha S.Natasha S. ★★★★★ Our experience with Chill Out Dog Training was excellent. We did two sessions with Cam for our dog Ruby and immediately noticed a huge difference. Cam is patient, kind, and talented with the pups! He taught us everything we need to know to achieve our training goals. Highly recommend.Deandra C.Deandra C. ★★★★★ I rescued an 8 month old puppy from a shelter, great dog, other than separation anxiety. The howling and the barking was just so much. After I tried all the YouTube videos and the desensitization nothing was really getting that progress I wanted/needed to see. After I turned to Cameron and asked some questions, he referred me to their e-collar-separation anxiety guide and within days I can now go to the store and my buddy is just hanging out.I would like to mention I was scared to use the e collar just because there's so many bad stigma's around it. However I use the lowest vibration setting on mine and it was enough to really aid training and now I don't have to offer many corrections if any.Thank you Chill Out!Aspen R.Aspen R. ★★★★★ Super effective. I worked with Cameron and he was super nice, friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. While not a problem dog, my 16 month old Tibetan Mastiff has always been independent and slower to respond to commands. Even within one session my pup was significantly quicker to commands and much better behaved. I fully recommend their services for anyone trying to get better training. It has made life with my dog so much easier and fun.John Paul B.John Paul B. ★★★★★ Highly recommend Chill Out Dog Training. We worked with Cameron for our resource guarding dog and he was excellent. He came to our house, was patient with our dog and us as we learned about what’s best, and he was malleable with what needed to happen based on our dogs needs. He’s an excellent source of knowledge and came prepared with treats, beds, collars, leashes - all the things needed for successful sessions. Our dog is doing a lot better, and we now understand a bit more about his motivation and behaviors. Wouks recommend Cameron for pups with resource guarding!Christine L.Christine L. ★★★★★ Cameron is incredible. Since qualifying my opinion seems to be important, here ya go. I've paid approx $8k in board and train fees + at-home dog training for a few dogs I've had. Cameron came recommended by one of the outfits I've used. I have not been disappointed. My new 10-month old pup, Peaches, spent her first 9 months without a home and separation anxiety was her biggest issue. Within the first 90 minute session he had her heeling right beside me and got her to accept that the crate is a happy place.Within a week of using his techniques, peaches can now go in and stay in her crate for 1-2 hours without a problem. In the second session he worked on bed and recall. I'm confident that she'll be recalling by the end of the week and has already stopped jumping on people at the door.He has saved me a ton of time and a lot of money while delivering a too notch training experience.Joey H.Joey H. ★★★★★ My Dog Blu is a shelter puppy. From the shelter I learned he was beat up so badly that on one occasion his jaw was broken. For the 3years I've had him, he was ALWAYS scared of strangers, new things, loud sounds, and especially men. I took him to different trainers and, other than his fear, he is a very well behaved dog. However his fear turned into reactive aggression and he recently bit my neighbor. I was so upset because I would do anything for Blu and I didn't know how to help him. Cameron, within THREE sessions, had Blu to a point where he would politely approach strangers, he no longer has an issue with my neighbor or people we have over, and overall his reactivity is slowly improving. I can't thank Cameron enough. He gave me the tools to help my best friend live life to the fullest in a safe manner for everyone. Thank you!!!AbygirlAbygirl ★★★★★ I would highly recommend Chill Out Dog Training. I worked with Cameron and it is clear he is a master of this craft. I searched for help with dog training because my 8 month old lab puppy (Abe) entered the infamous "teenage" years and stopped listening. Up until contacting Chill Out, we'd attended half a dozen 4-12 week classes at the Humane Society and Petsmart. The focus of both was to bribe the dog with treats in exchange for good behavior. That only took us so far and often made Abe sick for a week until the next session.Upon meeting my dog Cameron was able to see Abe's gregarious nature and work with both of us to find a balance and cultivate better listening skills. In just three sessions Abe has significantly more impulse control and I have more confidence working with him. I so appreciate Cameron's support of my commitment to having a well-behaved dog. Cameron provided followups and notes after each lesson so we could continue to improve even outside of sessions, he was available via email for questions and help, AND he sent us home with the best dog cookies in Denver. Thank you for taking my concerns seriously and working with Abe and I!Kelsey D.Kelsey D. ★★★★★ Cameron is an incredible trainer - in just two sessions he transformed the behavior of our dog on walks, his ability to be off leash and gave us the tools to work on general reactivity that are already having a huge impact. We should have done this years ago! Highly recommend working with Cameron.Linnea R.Linnea R. ★★★★★ We had a few training sessions with Chill Out Dog Training for our very, very, reactive rescue (before training she literally broke a window charging at a dog being walked on the sidewalk). After the first session there was progress and by the end of our few together we were able to take her on walks and to places like a brewery where there were other dogs around at a distance without issues. She even has a few dogs now that she's comfortable around enough to play with!We have a second dog that we had for years before the dog that got us to reach out and the sessions were helpful for him too!Because of this dog's reactivity we knew that classes were out of the question. It wouldn't be safe for anyone or any other dog involved so the fact that Chill Out Dog Training came to my house was fantastic. We got the basics down that we needed to be able to give our rescue a life outside of our property line. It was so worth it.We worked with Cameron and he was great at explaining why some things worked and others didn't. He was able to help us with both of our dogs and tailored the techniques to each dog. There wasn't pressure to do one method over the other which is somethings I was concerned about. He saw our hesitations with some of the recommendations and had us test it out on ourselves which gave us peace of mind that it would be ok.Sharadyn C.Sharadyn C. ★★★★★ From the moment Cameron called me when he was outside the home, wanting to set everything up for a successful, positive meet/greet with Sophie and Max, I knew we did the right thing. Cameron set the vibe for all of us! I had my first walk with Sophie where I wasn’t constantly resisting her pulling. He gave us in-the-moment feedback in the home with obedience, resource guarding, etc. We learned that Max was more of an instigator than we thought. He left us with homework and online guides that we need to read. I’m confident that Sophie & Max will live their best lives with us in a calm and loving home…with boundaries!"H SH S ★★★★★ Cameron is an absolute godsend! I have a Weimaraner rescue named Odin who is 90lbs of solid muscle and while he is the most perfectly house trained dog, his leash pulling was beyond aggressive - dragging me, literally on the ground making walks terrifying to both me and onlookers. After 1 session with Cameron, Odin is doing so much better. I highly recommend Chill Out Dog Training!SheenaSheena ★★★★★ We had the most amazing experience training with Cameron N. to work on introducing my 6 year old Shepherd to a new puppy who will be in the home often. Cameron is incredibly knowledgeable in all things dog, and we had a blast getting answers to any and all questions that came to mind. He thoroughly explained all the steps required of us and the dogs through the training process, leaving us with zero concern or hesitation by the end of our three sessions.During our first intro with the pup, my Shepherd was snarling, lunging, barking, and very aggressive. Thanks to Cameron we are now able to sit in the same space as a family with the dogs remaining calm and cooperative.I have already recommended this company (and specifically Cameron) to 3 people in my life, and will likely recommend to many more! Thanks Cameron!r sr s ★★★★★ I would highly recommend Chill Out Dog Training! If I could give them 6 stars, I definitely would!I recently rescued my dog Bella about 3 weeks ago. I found she has leash reactivity issues by growling and barking at other strangers and dogs. Going on walks made me so anxious, and it was embarrassing when Bella would growl or bark at passerby's.When I reached out to CODT, they got back with me right away and said they could definitely help. My session with Cameron went so much better than I expected! He started out explaining why she has leash reactivity issues, and what he would do to help mitigate it. He was patient, gentle, and walked me through everything. Our time spent with Cameron was extremely valuable, and within the first 10 minutes of training Bella, she already made significant progress.I couldn't thank CODT enough and Cameron for their help! I finally feel comfortable bringing my dog outside and to the park.Sydney R.Sydney R. ★★★★★ Chill out dog training and our trainer Cameron N has changed our lives. We have a 2yr old terrier mix named Bernie that has suffered from severe anxiety for as long as we've had her. After only one session with Cameron we saw a positive change. He gave us the tools and education we needed to give Bernie the life we always wanted for her. We are extremely grateful. We will always be using chill out and Cameron for all of our future dog training needs.Richard G.Richard G.js_loader

Introducing Cameron Nuechterlein (pronounced nectar-line), a Colorado native and a true animal enthusiast with a passion for making a positive impact on canine lives. With three years of hands-on experience, Cameron is thrilled to share the proven strategies he developed during his own inspiring journey with dog training, all within the trusted framework of Chill Out Dog Training.

From a young age, Cameron’s love for animals was evident, and he even had the wonderful opportunity to work at an exotic animal store. However, it was his own furry companion, Bourbon, who opened the door to his remarkable venture into the world of dog training. When Bourbon joined Cameron’s family, he displayed extreme food-based resource aggression, leading to a concerning incident where Bourbon bit his owner while protecting his bone. Determined to create a safe environment for everyone and alleviate Bourbon’s anxiety around food, Cameron embarked on a mission to understand and address the root cause of Bourbon’s aggression.

Through accessible training goals, high expectations, and meaningful consequences, Cameron built trust with Bourbon, helping him “chill out” and thrive as a trustworthy companion. The transformative results were profound, and Cameron’s heartwarming success story became a driving force behind his dedication to help other dogs and their owners find harmony through effective training methods.

Cameron honed his skills under the guidance of Chill Out Dog Training’s owner, Scott Ross, gaining invaluable expertise that now enriches the lives of numerous dogs in Denver. His genuine love for animals and the desire to see them live their best lives inspire every training session he conducts.

Outside the realm of dog training, you’ll find Cameron embracing the natural beauty of Colorado’s great outdoors. Hiking, camping, and soaking up nature are his favorite pastimes, as they perfectly complement his deep-rooted connection with animals. Not only is Cameron an outdoorsman, but he’s also an accomplished culinary artist. The Denver team of dog trainers has been treated to Cameron’s delectable cuisine, a testament to his diverse talents and passions.

Cameron’s warm and approachable demeanor, combined with his profound understanding of dog behavior, make him an ideal partner in your journey to improve your furry companion’s life. Whether your dog struggles with food aggression, leash pulling, separation anxiety, or any other behavioral challenges, Cameron is here to guide you every step of the way, just as he did with Bourbon.

Experience the Chill Out Dog Training difference and witness the incredible transformations that will leave you and your dog with a deeper, more fulfilling bond. Contact us today and let Cameron help you and your beloved pup embark on an unforgettable journey towards a happier, more balanced life together.