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E-Collars in Dog Training: The Controversy & Practice

September 8, 2023 -

Explore the heated debate surrounding e-collars in dog training. This article dives into the divide between academic research and hands-on expertise, offering a nuanced look at the effectiveness and ethics of using e-collars for behavior modification


Why We Love E-Collars

February 21, 2023 -

E-collars are a remote dog training system used to queue commands, to grab attention or to correct unwanted behaviors.

3 Rules for Going Off Leash

March 30, 2021 -

Allowing your dog to explore the world off leash has many benefits, but it also has plenty of risks, so here are three rules to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for everyone. 

A Behavior Change Guide

March 28, 2021 -

Changing your dog’s behavior is a combination of timing, consequences and guidance. Learn about how you can stop unwanted behaviors.

To board and train or not to board and train

October 13, 2020 -

You’ve considered or even tried group classes, but the environment for your dog is  overwhelming and incredibly distracting. You’ve done some research, and now you need to weigh the two remaining training options: a board and train program or private lessons. If that’s where you currently find yourself, you’re reading the right post.

Why I’m Against Pit Bull Bans

August 13, 2020 -

I shared the below comments to the City Council Safety Committee regarding a proposed update to allow special licensing of the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, or the Staffordshire Bull Terrier in Denver County.