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We’ve helped owners replace feelings of frustration and anxiety with confidence and pride.  Here are a few testimonials from some of our previous clients.

We had a blast working with Scott! 🐾😎
His training style is relaxed yet professional, with a wonderful mix of fairness & safety for our pooch. And us! Now we can go forward with the inclusive lifestyle that we want w our boy; off leash playtime, patio dining and just chillin at home. This quality of training allows for the bonding experience we all long for. 🙏🏼
- Keith D. via Google

Josh gave us the foundation that allowed us to learn how to effectively communicate with our Brucie Boy! Once we understood "canine language", things quickly changed for the better. Bruce was a rescue that came with some aggression towards other dogs. He was around age 2, so it's unknown what his previous life consisted of. He was quite anxious, eager to please, somewhat dominant (though very insecure), and generally out of control as far as social etiquette goes. Josh gave us solid strategies that worked almost immediately. His intuitive, kind nature, combined with his professionalism makes him a joy to interact with. It was clear from the moment I spoke to Josh that he was who we were looking for! His amazing and effective strategies made it possible for us to not only keep Bruce, but to truly love and enjoy him! Our pack is now complete, happy, and balanced---Thanks to Josh and Chill Out Dog Training.
- Jeff J. via Google

Frannie is a new dog! I feel like with Scott's help, I am able to better communicate with Frannie and work with her rather than against her. Our relationship has never been better and I now have the tools to give Frannie a better life. Our world was starting to feel very small, but with Scott's intuition, insight and amazing ability to read dogs' energies and behaviors, Frannie and I are in a much better place!
- Becca B. via Google

We adopted a dog with some serious aggression issues. After only two sessions with Chill Out Dog Training, Josh helped us resolve these issues. We can now take him to the dog park and he hasn’t shown any aggression toward other dogs. He has also gotten better on the leash. I would highly recommend working with Chill Out Dog Training.
- Kyle H. via Google

We would highly recommend Scott's services as your dog trainer but more importantly as your human trainer. He is not only great with the dog's issues but with making sure you understand what might be happening in the dog's brain causing the unwanted behavior. He offers many options on training tools/devices and will focus your training sessions on what you want. We saw immediate responsiveness in our new pup Sherman on our first walk using his techniques. Scott is flexible with scheduling - in fact we split up one of our sessions into two different days due to a weather mishap. Another time we had a dog park session scheduled but when he came there were no other dogs and he was ready to reschedule no problem instead of working on something else because that is one of the things we really wanted to work on. Highly recommended, well worth your $$
- Rob M. via Google