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The goal is for your dog to wear the muzzle for 3 minutes without attempting to take it off. Better still if he can walk down to the end of your block and back without attempting to remove it.

Many dogs will let you put it on, but then try to remove it as they walk with it. You can use feedback (verbal, touch, airtool, or E-Collar) to correct that choice. Don’t ask your dog to wear it for long until he’s built up his tolerance. Let us know if you’re having challenges. We are here to help!

To get started with muzzle conditioning, watch the below video.

Steps to condition your dog to accept a Baskerville Ultra Muzzle :

  1. Fold back the nylon straps to make the muzzle basket feel less intimidating. The overall basket depth will be reduced this way.
  2. Grab your treats and cup some in your hand. 
  3. Place the muzzle on top of the treats so that the opening is facing your dog. 
  4. Lower the muzzle so it’s at an appealing height for your dog to engage with – make sure your dog knows there are treats in there, perhaps giving him a freebee.
    • Should he refuse, stay patient, perhaps try a higher value treat (string cheese or cut up hot dog).
    • Should he refuse the high-value treats, let him get a little hungry and try again.
    • Should he refuse still, contact your trainer.
  5. Once he’s consistently going in for treats, unfold those nylon straps, increasing the basket depth. Continue letting the dog go in for treats.
  6. Once he’s good and comfortable going in, fasten the clip or buckle. While your dog is in the basket getting his treats, start to lift the strap above his eyes towards his ears.
  7. Once he’s tolerating that move, push the strap over his ears so he’s wearing the muzzle, albeit loosely. Initially, do this only briefly before removing it. From there, start building up the time.
  8. Everything from here depends on the dog. It’s often easy to get them to wear it for a few minutes at this point, but some dogs find this more difficult than others. Contact your trainer should you struggle to get beyond any of the above steps.

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